Note: The following is an April Fool from 2011. Please see the footer.

WarFoundry bought out!

We started with high ideals of freedom and community spirit, but there are occasions when the money is just too good and you have to admit defeat. This was one of those times.

Despite previous legal threats, the guys at Lone Wolf Development have decided that Army Builder needs bringing into the modern era. So long to the odd blue interface, hello Army Builder 4: The WarFoundry Edition (AB:TWE)!

Yes, you heard that right, the next version of Army Builder will be based on the WarFoundry core libraries!

Unfortunately, one of the conditions of the purchase was that we drop the open source license. I was reticent to do it until I was shown the number of zeros on the offer, at which point I couldn't sign things off quick enough. As such, AB:TWE will be a closed-source, commercial application.

For those who are interested, here is an initial mockup of how the new application will look:

Army Builder 4: The WarFoundry Edition mockup

Thanks for the good times from everyone who contributed until now.

Yours in Gowk hunting, IBBoard.


We are not responsible for anyone who takes this seriously. This is an international tradition - roll with it! Please see here for more information.

Also, don't worry about this ever happening for real. I'm not the only contributor, and everyone maintains their own copyright. That means that any changes to the license that aren't compatible with the AGPL need the approval of all contributors. This makes it impossible for a closed-source branch to be created. People could branch the project and sell copies, but the source code would always be there for the community because of the licensing conditions. It's just another way that FOSS benefits everyone!

Please note that, because of threats of legal action over a trademark, WarFoundry's ability to help users create army rosters makes it an "army creator". The name "Army Builder" is a US registered trademark of Lone Wolf Development, who also claim coverage of any phrase using a combination of derivatives of those two words or their base words in relation to army list creation software. The only situation in which the phrase "Army Builder" may be used is as a direct reference to Lone Wolf Development's application. While we cannot prevent our community mis-using the Army Builder trademark in relation to WarFoundry's capabilities, we suggest that you do to avoid further legal action.